Fishing Where Time Stands Still

Never has there been a better time to enjoy the thrill and challenge of a  lifetime, fishing in Seychelles’ pristine waters where, in the words of a local author … ‘We still don’t have an inventory of exactly what lurks in the secret depths of these legendary isle,’ writes Glynn Burridge.

As a brand, Seychelles resonates powerfully as a unique collection of islands blessed with surreal, natural beauty, a near-perfect climate and a tiny population (88,000) enjoying the quintessential island lifestyle in almost perfect harmony. And all this because some 150 million years ago the planet’s crust fractured and what we know today as the continents were formed, leaving a handful of island splinters to drift across a universe of azure water to finally occupy a secluded corner of the western Indian Ocean, some 1,852 kilometres (1,000 miles) off the east coast
of Africa. (more…)

Reef Safari Excursion: Journey to Moyenne Island

By J. F.

With so many islands here in the Seychelles archipelago to visit, it can be difficult to choose just one. Add the various tour operators and small independent boat charters offering excursions into the mix, and you find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Following the recommendation of family and research, I booked through Mason’s Travel and chose the Reef Safari Excursion.

The Reef Safari excursion is perfect for a day away at sea. It seamlessly blends a glass bottom boat experience, snorkelling trip and a visit to the island of Moyenne into one. (more…)

Diving the dream islands

Diving the Dream Islands of the Seychelles Archipelago

by Glynn Burridge

Two divers slice the pristine, crystal waters off the north-west coast of Mahé, principal island of the jewel of the Indian Ocean: the stunningly beautiful Seychelles Archipelago. What they are seeking lies some 40 metres beneath the ocean – the hull of an old fishing trawler, deliberately scuppered to provide a diving site in what is arguably one of the best kept secrets among the international diving fraternity: the amazing Seychelles diving experience. (more…)