Tasting the four worlds of Seychellois Creole cuisine

Tasting the four worlds of Seychellois Creole cuisine

by Alexandria Faure

Sitting on historically what was one of the greatest trade routes in the world, the Seychelles resides in the Indian Ocean where spices and all sorts of exquisite goods were traded in the waters revealing a Seychellois Kreol cuisine that remains today a rich reflection of the origins of those cultures and races involved in its creation.


Sea Food - Photo by Serge Marizy
Sea Food“. Photo by Serge Marizy. All Rights Reserved.


In an unforgettable journey through the oceans, the four worlds of Africa, China, Europe and India have all been fused together to create settlers of varied ethnicities and customs of life. And so the coming together of these peoples producing a cuisine so exquisite and varied, that it leaves visitors yearning for more and locals overseas reminiscing of homemade delights.

From India come the many varieties of curry; from China popular rice dishes and stir-fried vegetables and noodles with steamed fish; from France the aromatic blends of garlic and herbs and Madagascar and the eastern coast of Africa the coconut milk, cassava and banana infusions. All these influences, mixed with a huge selection of seafood plucked out of the Indian Ocean and a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables grown in the lush forests, make eating out in Seychelles a culinary delight.


Creole Buffet - Photo by Chris Close
Creole Buffet“. Photo by Chris Close. All Rights Reserved.


With its reputation as being paradise on earth, you can’t mention Seychellois food without conjuring up the colours and perfumes of its many succulent fresh fruits and vegetables. The Islands are brimming with coconuts, papayas, pineapples, limes, bananas, cassavas, pumpkin, eggplant and many others such as jackfruit, golden apple, custard apple, breadfruit and corsol. Many of the traditional dishes incorporate the accents of these fruits and vegetables, making the cuisine both nourishing and bursting with flavour.

Your trip would not be complete without having tasting some local delicacies that include the kari zourit (a creamy coconut milk octopus curry) and tectec soup (a small white shellfish collected from the beaches and made into a soup usually with pumpkin) or a grilled red snapper with some Creole sauce. The list is endless and if you have a sweet tooth our luscious selection of papaya cakes, banana cakes, pastries and exotic fruit jams or the ladob (a mix of bananas, cassava and sweet potato cooked in coconut milk) that is sure to indulge your sugar- coated longings.


Grilled fish - Photo by Torsten Dickmann
Grilled Fish“. Photo by Torsten Dickmann. All Rights Reserved.


The sphere of culinary flavours is broad- even our salads aren’t too ordinary. Not only that but it wouldn’t be a Creole dish without a dash of crushed chillies to accompany your meal along with a mango or golden apple chutney.

With undertones of vanilla, nutmeg, coconut milk, lemon grass, cinnamon and spices, the Seychelles offers an amazing blend of diverse, mouth-watering delicacies. It also adds a whole new dimension to being a ‘foodie’ with its enticing and colourful dishes, and it is without a doubt that your first tantalising taste will leave you coming back for more.


Coco de Mer Desert - Photo by Vanessa Lucas
Coco de Mer Dessert“. Photo by Vanessa Lucas. All Rights Reserved.



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