Top 8 – Scuba diving spots around Mahé for beginners

by J. F.

With an exclusive economic zone of approximately 1.4 million km² and a climate of almost perpetual summer; the Seychelles is blessed with warm, aqua-blue waters and reefs that harbour many colorful species of reef fish and other marine life.  If you’re planning a holiday in the Seychelles, then diving should definitely be on your to-do list!

"Diving St Pierre". Photo by Ennio Maffei. All Rights Reserved.
“Diving St Pierre”. Photo by Ennio Maffei. All Rights Reserved.


We consulted with two dive centers; Dive Resort Seychelles (which operates in the Southern region of Mahé) and Dive Seychelles/Underwater Centre (which operates in the north-western region of Mahé) to bring you the top 8 dive spots around the main island of Mahé that are suitable for all level of divers.

The first 4 dive sites are located around the South-West regions of Mahé where Dive Resort Seychelles operates.


Diving among a school of fish“. Photo by Imran Ahmad. All Rights Reserved.


1)  Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a coral dive site located in the bay of Anse La Mouche. It is a relatively shallow dive spot (4-16 metres in depth) and is an amazing coral reef that has survived the 1997/98 el-Nino phenomenon. You can expect to find different coral species and plenty of reef fish such as angelfish.

2) Oscars Reef

This is another coral reef dive site and is especially nice for night diving where Spanish dancers are usually found. Oscar Reef has a depth range of 6-16 metres.

3) Pirates Cove

This site is located in an area that is said to have been visited by pirates in the olden days and where legends state that buried treasure can be found either above or below water. According to Dive Resort Seychelles, the spot has some very interesting marine life such as whale sharks; depending on the season, schooling fish and also a giant grouper named George!


Photo by Chris Close. All Rights Reserved.


4) Napoleon Inn

Dive Resort Seychelles describes this site as the place where ‘fish life is very abundant’ and ‘ranges from shoals of fusiliers through to the pistol-shrimps’. The depth of the site ranges from 4-14 meters.


These 4 other dive sites below are granitic sites found in the northern and north-western coast of Mahé. According to Glynis from Dive Seychelles/Underwater Centre, these sites may work for beginners but it depends on the weather.

5) Grouper Point

Located in the Western coast of Mahé, this site can experience strong currents from time to time and has a depth of approximately 30 meters. Expect to see Grouper, Red Snappers and if you are lucky you may be able to spot whale sharks (depending on which months you dive)!


School of fish and coral“. Photo by Imran Ahmad. All Rights Reserved.


6) Rays Point

Rays Point is a granitic site that has a max depth of 15 metres. Expect to see turtles, sting rays, oriental sweetlips and reef fish.

7) Whale Rock

Whale Rock is a relatively shallow dive site (about 14 meters). Common marine life here include moray eels, schooling fusiliers, lionfish, pufferfish and reef fish.

8) Sunset Rocks

Located 0.4 km from the North-west of Mahé. The depth range of the site is 0 to 14 metres. Features marine life such as Scorpionfish, Surgeon Fish, reef fish and seychelles clownfish.


Photo by Chris Close. All Rights Reserved.


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Special note should be taken that diving is an activity that should be undertaken only through a professional dive center.

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